Azor Observatory

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The observatory is a simple roll-off design located in our house flat roof terrace

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Mount is Astro-Physics 1200 GTO on an Astro-physics pier

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This is the ASA N10 Astrograph in it f/3.6 configuration

azor_vct_2.jpg (92631 bytes)

This is the homebrew VC200L carbon truss in its f/9 configuration


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The observatory is remotely controled from the in-house control room


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Main camera is SBIG STL-11000M with 8 position filter wheel,  AO-L adaptative optics
and external guiding head


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Ligth pollution is intense at the site, there are tall street lamps nearby


AAG CloudWacther

Weather safety conditions for deepsky imaging are monitored by AAG Cloudwatcher cloud sensor
and Oregon Scientific WMR 918 Weather Station. The system works 24x7 under
AAG weather center software.

Click here for the Weather Station Dashboard


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