The Horsehead Nebula complex in Orion

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Horse head detail (100% size)      Flame nebula detail (65% size)

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    Technical Details:

    Object(s): Horsehead nebula cpmplex in Orion
    Observing Site: La Hita Observatory, Toledo
    Date and Time:20 Nov 2004 00:13 UTC (start time)
    Camera: Canon 300D Hutech modified
    CCD: Canon 6.3 Megapixel CMOS sensor
    Telescope: Takahashi FS102 @ f/8.
    Filters: n/a
    Exposure: 120 minutes, 24x5, 24 frames 5 minutes each (Sigma Median)
    Capture software: No
    Processing Software: Images Plus (raw conversion), Photoshop (curves, color), Neat Image (noise reduction)
    Comments: Nine median averaged  darks, no flats. Image shown at full frame, size reduced (29%). From raw files CRW_6197-6220.

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