M81, Bode's Nebula

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    Technical Details:

    Object(s): M81, Bode's Nebula, Galaxy in Ursa Major
    Observing Site: La Hita Observatory, Toledo
    Date and Time: 6 November 2005
    Camera: SBIG STL 11000M (@ -15C)
    Telescope: TMB 228 (9") Apochromatic Refractor @ f/9
    Filters: Astrodon Luminance Filter
    Exposure: 60 minutes, 20 x 3 (sig Avg Combined)
    Processing Software: CCD Soft (acq, align.), Images Plus (cal, ddp), Photoshop (lvls)
    Comments: First light test image with La Hita's TMB 9". Acquired in collaboration with Faustino Organero. Cropped Frame , shown at 50% size.

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