The Cone Nebula

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    Technical Details:

    Object(s): NGC2264, Cone Nebula Region
    Observing Site: Azor Observatory, Las Rozas, Madrid
    Date and Time: 27 January 2006 21:21 UTC
    Camera: SBIG STL 11000M (@ -25ºC)
    Telescope: Takahashi FSQ @ f/5, Losmandy G-11 Mount
    Filters: Astrodon H alpha 6nm
    Exposure: 180 minutes, 12subexp. x 15min dithered (AutoDither 1.1.8)
    Processing Software: CCD Soft (acq, align.), Images Plus (cal), Fits Liberator 2.0 (log-log ddp), Photoshop (lvls)
    Comments: Camera firmware 2.15, Focus by Focusmax and Robofocus. Cropped Frame shown at 80% size. 

    Gratefully dedicated to Larry Weber and Steve Brady (Focusmax), Paul Kanevsky (AutoDither) and Vincent Villemarie (VVasAlert).
    Thanks for your generosity and outstanding software!   

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