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All rights reserved.

The use and distribution of material or information of any kind pertaining to the Antilhue website is subject to special conditions as specified in this document.

Conditions for the Use and Reproduction of Material Pertaining to Antilhue

The following criteria apply to the use and/or distribution of the material made freely available on the World Wide Web by the author of the Antilhue website.

Copyright exists on all original material available on the Antilhue website, that is material that has been produced by the author of Antilhue and/or his collaborators.
Material that has not been produced by the author of Antilhue or his collaborators is clearly marked in this sense. If you wish to use and/or redistribute any material that is not attributed to the author of Antilhue or his collaborators, you must seek permission from the persons and/or entities attributed as the sources, authors or owners.
The user should never assume that material on the WWW is in the public domain, unless this fact is clearly stated.
All information and material of any kind, freely available at the Antilhue website, is for your personal individual, nonprofit use only.
Redistribution and/or public reproduction of information and material of any kind, extracted from the Antilhue website, is strictly prohibited without prior express written permission from the author of Antilhue.  This permission will only apply for the stated one-time use.  Any further, different or future use of the material will be subject to a new request resp. authorization.  After permission is granted, the minimum credit line is:  "Daniel Verschatse - Observatorio Antilhue - Chile"

References to the Antilhue Website

Pages and documents of the Antilhue website may be freely pointed to from other websites or web services, including the user's own personal pages, with the following restrictions:

Copying any files of any kind from the Antilhue website to a different web server or website is strictly prohibited.
You can freely copy any file from the Antilhue website to your own personal computer for your private, nonprofit use only.
No information or material of any kind belonging to Antilhue, including - but not limited to - hypertext pages, text documents, PDF documents, data files, images, and programs, can be put online at a different site. For example, they cannot be enclosed in a page, frame or inline frame residing on a different site. Webmasters and web designers referencing material from the Antilhue website must design pages and the links therein with this restriction in mind.
Finally, we would like to know about any references to our website.  When you include a link and/or reference to Antilhue on your own website, we would appreciate a short note to (please delete "NOSPAM" from this address) .  Thank you.