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Messier 2
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Image Data

Designation M 2,  NGC 7089,  Bennett 127
Object type Globular cluster
Coordinates 21 h 33 min    - 00° 49'   Aquarius  (Aqr)
Description Discovered by J.D. Maraldi in 1746.

Messier 2  is a mag  6.5 globular cluster, located 11° SSW of Enif  (in Pegasus).  A mass of innumerable stars, 13 arcminutes in size, M 2 is a very fine object in a rather barren region of sky.  It has a diameter of approximately 175 light-years, contains about 150.000 stars and is one of the richer and more compact globular clusters.  At about 37,500 light years, it lies well beyond the Galactic Center and is an estimated 13 billion years old.  Dreyer describes it as bright and large, brighter toward the middle, and very, very rich.

Click here or on the image for a higher resolution version.  The field of view is  37 x 25 arcminutes with north towards the lower right (135°).

Exposure NRGB 50:20:20:20 min @ -20°C ;  all exposures unbinned, no filter on luminance
Camera SBIG STL-11000 with Astronomik Type 2 RGB filterset  -  selfguided
Optics RCOS 14.5" Ritchey-Chrétien @ f/9 (prime focus)
Mount Astro-Physics AP1200GTO
Software MaxIm DL/CCD,  Registar,  Adobe Photoshop CS
Location - Date - Time San Esteban (Chile) - 21Aug2006 @ 06:00 UTC
Conditions Transparency 8/10,  Seeing 7/10, Temperature  + 13°C