Antilhue - Chile

Mars 26.06.2003
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Image Data

Designation Mars
Object type Outer planet
Object data Phase: 89.2%   -   Apparent mag: -1.31   -  Apparent angular size: 15.90 arcsecs   -   Altitude: 65d 53' above the horizon.
Description During a site testing session, we got carried away by the visual views we were getting of Mars through the 5" refractor. The next night we improvised a webcam session and were pleasantly surprised by the resolution we achieved with this aperture on a disk of only 15.9 arcseconds. The use of an IR-blocking filter would most probably have further improved the result.

The image on the left was processed for maximum detail, the one on the right simulates the view at the eyepiece of the AP130.

Exposure AVI-RGB 1/25 s, best 250 frames of  5 AVI files, 30 s each.
Camera Philips Toucam PCVC 740K, no filter
Optics Astro-Physics AP130EDT + projection by Baader FFC to approx. f/44
Mount Vixen GP-DX German Equatorial mount, unguided
Software K3CCD for acquisition, Registax, Adobe Photoshop 6.0
Imaging team Daniel Verschatse and Ricardo Serpell
Location - Date - Time Vicuņa (Chile)  -  Astrofarm Omega site  -  26Jun2003 - 07:38 UTC
Conditions Transparency 8,  Seeing 8, Temperature +9°C