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NGC 2070 - Tarantula Ha - Hi-Res
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Image Data

Designation NGC 2070,  Tarantula Nebula,  30 Dor,  Bennett 35
Object type Extragalactic emission nebula
Coordinates 05h39m,  - 69d05'
Constellation Dorado (Dor)
Description When imaged through a very narrowband filter that isolates the emission line of hydrogen alpha, the Tarantula Nebula takes on impressive structure.  Here is a wider field color version.
Exposure Ha 120 min @ -15°C, unbinned
Camera SBIG ST-10XE selfguided + CFW8 with CS 4.5nm H-Alpha filter
Optics RCOS 14.5" Ritchey-Chrétien with AP 0.67X reducer working at f/6.56
Mount Astro-Physics AP1200GTO
Software MaxIm DL/CCD, Sigma Pre Beta 11, Adobe Photoshop CS
Location - Date - Time San Esteban (Chile) - 18Feb04 @ 02:00 UTC
Conditions Transparency 5,  Seeing 6, Temperature +13°C