Antilhue - Chile

NGC 2244 - Rosette Nebula
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Image Data

Designation Rosette Nebula,  NGC 2244
Object type Open cluster and emission nebula
Coordinates 06h33min  +0452'  (Monoceros) 
Description A bright scattered cluster embedded in a beautiful nebulosity that shows a lot of activity. The whole nebular ring is at least 90 arcminutes across, three times the diameter of the full moon. Thus, a rich field telescope is needed to show this magnificent object in its entirety. The nebula emits strongly in the light of Ha (hydrogen alpha - as shown here) and O-III (oxygen ions). It belongs to the much larger Monoceros molecular cloud, parts of which can be seen towards the bottom and right. The field of view is about 4 x 3 with south towards the top.
Exposure Ha 5 x 15min @ -15C - 1x1 - unguided
Camera SBIG ST-10XE + SBIG CFW-8 with Custom Scientific 4.5nm Ha filter
Optics Sun 200mm f/3.5 telephoto lens (first light on CCD)
Mount Astro-Physics AP900GTO
Software MaxIm DL/CCD, Sigma Pre Beta 11, Registar, Adobe Photoshop 6.0
Location - Date - Time San Esteban (Chile) - 23Nov2003 - 07:30 UTC
Conditions Transparency 5,  Seeing 6, Temperature +15C