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NGC 5253
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Image Data

Designation NGC 5253,  Bennett 63a
Object type Irregular starburst dwarf galaxy
Coordinates 13 h 40 min     - 31° 39'    Centaurus  (Cen)
Description This galaxy is a member of the fairly nearby Centaurus group of galaxies, which includes NGC 4945, 5102, 5128 (Cen A), 5236 and NGC 5253.  The central hub appears roughly rectangular with numerous irregular indentations and extensions; this area contains many condensations which appear to be nebulous aggregates of stars and giant emission regions. Some smaller diffuse spots have been identified as probable globular clusters.

North is up in this 15 x 10 arcmin field of view.  

Exposure CRGB 90:40:40:40 min @ -18°C,  RGB exposures binned 2x2
Camera SBIG ST-10XE selfguided + CFW8 with Astrodon CRGB filterset
Optics RCOS 14.5" Ritchey-Chrétien @ f/9 (prime focus)
Mount Astro-Physics AP1200GTO
Software MaxIm DL/CCD, Sigma Pre Beta 11, Registar,  Adobe Photoshop CS
Location - Date - Time San Esteban (Chile) - 01Jun05 @ 03:00 UTC 
Conditions Transparency 8/10,  Seeing 7/10, Temperature  + 14° C