Antilhue - Chile

Technical Notes



1.  Quick monitor calibration   -   Adjust your monitor's brightness and contrast for best results using these simple steps. 


2.  Low cost solar film cell   -   The method describes the use of a cheap embroidering frame to mount the Baader AstroSolar Safety film to the telescope's dewcap or objective/corrector cell.


3.  Light box for CCD flats   -   The use of a foamcore lightbox to obtain quality flat field frames.  Link to the website of the original author of the design.


4.  First light for the RCOS Dual 14.5" Ritchey-Chrétien  -   This instrument was installed end of 2003 at the Antilhue site in San Esteban, after a commissioning period near Vicuña in northern Chile.


5.  Making flats for large aperture telescopes -   A short description on how to achieve good and repeatable flat fields for large instruments.


6.  RCOS Field Flattener for Aries f/9 optics -  A before-after analysis re. the effects of the installation of the RCOS Field Flattener/Corrector (FFC) in the optical path of the 14.5" RCOS f/9 system.


7. Easy installation of the Robofocus electric drive on the large Feathertouch 3.5" Focuser using the Robobracket and a single screw


8.  TEC Field Flattener for APO 200 FL -  A before-after analysis re. the effects of the installation of the TEC FF200 Field Flattener in the optical path of the 8" TEC APO200FL refractor.