AZ Cas
Spectroscopic campaign 2012 - 2014

Call for observations from Cezary Galan (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun, Poland) of the AZ Cas eclipse. The observation period for the campaign come from June 2012 to  August 2014.

For more informations about the campaign consult Cezary Galan's webpage:
and IBVS call for observations:

See also Cezary presentation (in polnish) done at meeintg in Poland in May 2013: AZCas_MT2013.pdf (PDF, 7MB)

See also ARAS forum:

AZ Cas coordinates (2000.0) = 01h42m16.5s  +61°25'16.3"  - V magnitude = from 9.2 to 9.5- Spectral type = M0eIb


spectra available (12-august-2013 update)

AZ Cas amateur spectra sample

Thierry Garrel - eShel spectrograph (R = 11000) on Meade SC 14-inch telescope
(D = 0.36 m) - Full visible spectral range.

Stéphane Ubaud - Lhires III 2400 l/mm spectrograph (R = 15000) on C11 telescope  (D=0.28 m) - High resolution details.

 Christian Buil - Lhires III 600 l/mm spectrograph - 19 microns slit (R = 3800) on C11 telescope (D = 0.280 m) - Intermediate spectral resolution.

Christian Buil - LISA spectrograph infrared version (R = 1100) on FSQ85ED refractor (D = 0.085 m) - Low resolution near infrared.

Some instrument performances comparison (Halpha region)

Instrument consistancy (eShel spectrograph example)

Halpha profile time evolution from July 11 to August 4.

Heliocentric velocity corrected.

Halpha profile comparison august 3th / october 4th

C.Buil / Heliocentric velocity corrected.

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