BeSS report – July 2012


·         149 spectra acquired

·         75 objects observed including 7 herbig stars

·         16 observers contributed

·         8 objects got their first spectra

·         7 Herbig stars was observed


The highest number of spectra was submitted by Stephane Ubaud and André Favaro with 28 spectra, André Favaro observed the highest number of different objects, 28 different Be star.

Congratualtions to our two southern Be observers: Bernard Heathcot and Terry Bolsen.


The most observed objects were 66 oph, del Sco and iot Lyr



Objects observed

11 Cyg

14 Lac*

25 Cyg

28 Cyg

31 Peg

4 Aql

48 Lib

59 Cyg

60 Cyg*

66 Oph

8 Lac A*


bet Psc

del Sco

eps Cap

gam Cas

GP Vir

HD 163296

HD 168957

HD 173371

HD 179343

HD 181409

HD 184767

HD 192445

HD 194244

HD 196712

HD 224544

HL Lib

iot Lyr

kap Aql

kap Dra

lam Cyg

NT Peg

nu Cyg

omi And*

omi Aqr

omi Her

pi Aqr


tet CrB

ups Cyg

ups Sgr


V1040 Sco

V1448 Aql*

V2119 Cyg

V2123 Cyg

V378 And*

V4379 Sgr

V448 Sct

V558 Lyr

V568 Cyg

V777 Cas

V986 Oph

zet Oph










Noticeable evolutions of H-alpha line

V1448 Aql

From emission to absorption

Description : V1448Aql.png


Moderate evolutions of H-alpha line

14 Lac

Red wing in small emission of the H-alpha line

Description : 14Lac_zoom.png

14 Lac

Time serie from 1998 showing evolutions of the H-alpha wings

Description : 14Lac.png

Omi And

H-alpha wing emissions decreasing

Description : omiAnd.png

Omi And

Time serie from 1992 – wing emission evolutions


Description : omiand_serie.png

HD 192445

Increase of H-alpha emission

Description : hd192445.png

HD 169296

Herbig star

Description : HD163296_herbig.png


To continue to monitor

Lam Cyg

QR Vul

Ups Sgr

Del Sco

66 oph

Pi Aqr

Iot Lyr



Objects quite but has evolved in the past

8 Lac A

V/R variations

Description : 8LacA.png

V378 And

Transition pahse from absorption to emission

Description : V378And.png


60 Cyg

Was in absorption in 2000-2004

Description : 60Cyg.png

Eps Cap

H-alpha emission increase, compare to 2001

Description : epsCap.png