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Meade LX90/#909APM and LX200 CCD Port Guiding Interface + Canon DSLR Remote

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New Shematics for my little // guiding interface for CCD/guider port, SC webcam compatible, with canon DSLR LX Remote control Add On ;o)
With the new possibilities offered by the actual Digital SLR, autoguiding is becoming much more interesting for real long DSLR exposures.... :o>
I was already thinking of a new version of my little // port guiding interface, so i also thought to add a remote control for Canon DSLR Rebel, 300D and 10D :o)))
You have now 5 LED's to see exactly what happend when using this interface, and the possibility to remote control your DSLR for real automated long exposures
For your information, if you open a 300D or 10D Canon Remote control to use it for connecting the interface, you just have to use the Ground wire for the GND... and the Red wire for the shutter/remote port...
If you want to directly connect your 300D using a stereo Jack 2.5mm, the GND is to solder on the big pad, and the shutter to the nose extremity ;o)
The intermediate part of the jack (autofocus) is not used...

There are now some EXCELLENT softwares handling this interface:
"GuideDog" + "DSLR Control" from Steve Barkes
"Astrosnap Pro" from Axel Canicio
And Now
"K3CCDTools" from Peter Katreniak !!!

There is now a "ULTRA SIMPLE Version" of a parallel port guiding interface like this, without LED's and DSLR function, but without the need of external power !!!

WARNING !!! i'm not responsible for any damage to your APM, Scope or Computer, if you are not sure of doing this interface and cables correctly !!!
If you want to know more about the "bond guiding interfaces", just click on the link here:
- Meade LX90/#909APM and LX200 CCD Port Guiding Interface !!!

Component list :

- 1 IC 74LS06N
- 1 Resistor 10 Ko 1/4 watt
- 2 Resistors 1 Ko 1/4 watt
- 5 Resistors 470 Ohms Ko 1/4 watt
- 5 Red Leds 3mm
- 1 Male parallel connector 25 pin
- 1 Female parallel connector 25 pin
- 1 Electronic box
- 1 Cable and RJ12 connector for the Meade CCD port/Guider
- 1 Cable and connector for the "remote" port of the DSLR :o)

WARNING: For the +5volt power supply, two possibilities, only ONE to choose...
FIRST possibility: If you already have +5volt on your telescope CCD Guiding port (+5v on pin 1 and GND on pin 2), you can use this power for the interface :o)
SECOND possibility: If not, you must use a stabilized external 5volt power supply... (for example, you can use the black (gnd) and red (+5v) wires of an old USB cable, plugged to a free usb port of a usb hub
In the first case (CCD port power) you have to connect the shematics CCD port +5Volt to the shematics +5Volt right top of the 74LS06, and in the second case (external power), you must NOT connect the CCD port +5Volt, you just have to bring +5Volt to the right top of the 74LS06 :o)
The ground power wire is of course to connect to the ground (CCD Pin 2, GND, 0volt, often black wire) of the shematics :o)

That's All :o)))

(Click on the picture to have the big size shematics)
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