Planetary images

All the planetary images presented on this page, are made with the 62cm f/15 telescope of the Observatoire de Saint Véran. The telescope is used in its prime focus and equipped with a HiSyS-22 CCD-camera.

We only use a small window of the CCD-chip (KAF-400), which reduce the download- time. After careful focusing, we make a large amount of images, from which we, during the processing, only chose those images with the best seeing- conditions. The time-lap between the first and the last image chosen for the final result, has to be small enough, so that we obtain no resolution loss due to the rotation of the planet. For Jupiter, this time-lap is less than 1 minute. The exposure time is as small as possible to freeze the turbulence and sufficient large to end up with a good signal-noise relation.

The pre-processing is a correction for bias and flat-field and the processing is only a unsharp mask.

The tricolour images are made through R, V and B filters. The images are afterwards corrected for differences in transmit-factors of the filters and sensibility of the CCD-chip.

jupiter_19990908 - 19.5kB
8 sept 1999
jupiter_19990908 - 19.5kB
8 sept 1999
jupiter_19990908_c - 19.1kB
8 sept 1999
jupiter_19990909_c - 19.1kB
9 sept 1999
jup_1999_merc - 26.8kB
8/9 sept 1999
jup_1999_molw - 27.1kB
8/9 sept 1999

animation 1999
jupiter_20000926c - 13.2kB
26 sept 2000
jupiter_20011013c - 25.4kB
13 oct 2001
jupiter_20020213c - 20.5kB
13 feb 2002

saturnus_19990908_c - 17.2kB
8 sept 1999
saturn_20000926 - 10.8kB
26 sept 2000
saturn_20011013c - 22.5kB
13 oct 2001
saturn_99-01 - 28.8kB
1999 - 2001
saturn_anim1 - 58.1kB
animation 1999 - 2001

moon_20000205 - 27.6kB
5 feb 2000
moon_20000205_detail - 41.1kB
5 feb 2000 - detail

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