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Here is a new edition of Star Finder. For better readability, I added a rotate function for all the texts.
The names of the stars, constellations and objects were entirely repositioned to improve the reading of the Star Finder. The thickness of the constellation lines was reduced to avoid unnecessary load on the map. Some constellations have been redesigned. In the example image below, you may notice: the Big Dipper was amputated legs useless for understanding the sky. The contours of the sextant were added. In Leo, the best placement of labels allowed me to add NGC 3628 which forms the triplet lion with M65 and M66 ... Etc ... The names of stars are more accessible.

To achieve this, I temporarily changed the software to display all the information. The names of the constellations, all the star names in the program, Best objects containing NGC, Caldwell objects and Messier objects. The map was unreadable. This realignment allows for all information (except omission on my part) for a pleasant reading. If you were interested in a full version, after your request form via internet, send me an email to let me know your needs. WARNING ... The full version is heavily loaded with information. It is intended for a club with the ability to print in large format (A3 .. A0). Of course, if you have good eyes, you can read the A4 version. You can, if you have access to a plotter (paper and layer) to produce a rotating map lit and placed on a wall in your club ... It's great. If requests were important, I would change the form with an option "All" to facilitate my task.
Only the northern hemisphere has been redesigned. The southern hemisphere is being revised. This work is long. Give me some time.
6 months were necessary to update the Northern Hemisphere. The south is more difficult because more dense near the pole.
Before modification
After modification
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