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Galaxy cluster in Virgo

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M59 and M60 were discovered on April 11, 1779 by Johann Gottfried Koehler, on the occasion of observing the comet of that year.
M59 and M60 are part of the Virgo Cluster, a giant agglomeration of galaxies is the nearest big cluster of galaxies, the largest proven structure in our intergalactic neighborhood, and the most remote cosmic objects with a physical connection to our own small group of galaxies, the Local Group, including our Milky Way galaxy.
M59 and M60 are two giants elliptical galaxies. At its distance of some 60 million light years, M60 apparent diameter of 7x6 arc minutes corresponds to a linear diameter of 120,000 light years. M59 is also at an assumed distance of 60 million light years, its longer axis of 5 arc minutes corresponds to almost 90,000 light years linear extension. More informations are available at Wikipedia

Technical Data


130 mm f/6.4 Astro-Physics EDF Refractor


Astro-Physics AP 900GTO

Camera SBIG ST-10XE.
Filters SBIG CFW8A.With Astrodon LRGB Ha filters
Focuser Robofocus focuser and Focusmax software
Dates April 2007.
Location Lentin Observatory
Exposure LRGB = 365:60:60:75 minutes..L bin1 RGB bin2. Scale 1.69^s/pixel
Acquisition Image data acquired remotely using ACP5 Observatory control software., MaxIm DL 4
Processing MaxIm DL 4, Photoshop CS2, Registar, PixInsight standard

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