M1 Group


M1 Group was created ten years ago by members Diego Rodriguez , José Ripero and Francisco Pujol. Since the very begining we were aware that to find a SN was an extremely difficult task, but there was Robert Evans example , amateurs astronomer with 35 discoveries . This fact encouraged us to keep observing and try to find a new small point not included in the M. Palomar images or in the Thompson Bryan charts.

The group gathered botch , equipment and bibliography to do SN hunting ( RealSky Thompson-Bryan charts , CCD Buil-Thouvenot , and Lopez Alvarez Atlases, etc...) We also own a computer program able to provide asteroid appulses to deep-sky objects , and therefore , to clarify possible false alarms due to asteroids.

In the ten years ago we achieved 85.000 negative observations checking 1500 different galaxies . We have also been able to observe and monitor visually , photographically and with CCD , SN 1989 in M66 , (This SN was one of the reasons to create the group ), SN 1991T in NGC 4527 , SN 1991X in NGC 4902 and SN 1993j in M 81.

SN 1993J was discovered on the 28th of March , Sunday night , By Francisco Garcia Díaz , amateur astronomer living in Lugo , Spain with a 10" telescope. Francisco is an active member of M1, see:  Chronology of the discovery of SN 1993J in M81

Finally, we have concentrated in monitoring  that show activity violently . All these objects have shown large variability.




30 of August 1998

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