Bright stars spectrographic observation series

Deneb (Alpha Cyg)
RA: 20H41.4 - DEC: +45°17' (2000,0)

Latest update: Dec. 18, 2009

Instrument: 0.28 m telescope (Celestron 11) + eShel spectrograph (R=11000) + QSI532 CCD camera (CCD KAF3200ME)
Observatory: Castanet-Tolosan (France)
Observer: C. Buil
Processing: standard  échelle pipeline (Reshel software V1.11). H2O telluric lines are removed (division by a synthetic H2O spectrum by using Vspec software - the telluric lines list is from  GEISA database (LMD/CNRS)). The diurnal and annual earth velocity are corrected (the spectra wavelength are given in an heliocentric reference for a standard atmopshere). For the plots, the continuum is normalized and vertically shifted between each spectrun for clarity.

Activity of H
a line

Activity of H
b line

Download _deneb_20090322_182.dat
Download _deneb_20090517_058.dat
Download _deneb_20091030_738.dat
Download _deneb_20091112_755.dat
Download _deneb_20091120_730.dat
Download _deneb_20091022_747.dat