Spectroscopy of Asteroids 

Note: You can download spectral data by clicking on the hyperlinks (ASCII format). The magnitude at the date of observation is indicated and also the solar reference star used.

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For an evocation of 6820 Buil observation click here.
For an evocation of 7718 Desnoux observation click here.
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VESTA_120303.DAT  (V=6.2 - ref. HD126053)

PATHENOPE_260403.DAT (V=11.2 - ref. HD126053)


FORTUNA_260403.DAT (V=11.9 - ref. HD126053)

LUTETIA_260403.DAT (V=10.6 - ref. HD126053)

FIDES_260403.DAT (V=11.9 - ref. HD126053)

DESNOUX_260403.DAT (V=15.9 - ref. HD126053)

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