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Opening the window of the universe we can understand a little more of us and of our destiny...

That page has the approach to see amateur astronomy on a poetic and aesthetic side. We travel the roads of the endless space in a tireless search of our origins and of our future. You can see images of planets or distant quasares, to obtain information on books for beginners or for the most advanced, computer programs and shortcuts for other sites in the internet.

Press the belts and good trip!

Image of the incredible distant Agglomerate of Galaxies in Hércules. The impressive image of Supernova 1987A in Magalhães' Great Cloud, satellite galaxy of our milky-way. The magnificent image of two galaxy colliding in the constellation of the Cup(Crater) and the Telescope Hubble supplying a stunning image of Saturn....

Those and crazy other trips you will find here.

Favorite shortcuts in the Internet

Recent images with CCD

Don't stop visiting some of the most interesting sites as having suggested below

bullet Astronomical Headlines
bullet Comet Observation Home Page
bullet Aladin Service
bullet Internet Hubble Space Telescope (HST) Resources
bullet ANTONIO CIDADÃO's Home-Page of Astrophotography
bullet Pedro Ré's Astronomical CCD Imaging Page

In that shortcut you have access the most recent images obtained through CCD or camera...

Neb. Orion         Saturn          Comet Linear A2

Organized Astronomical images

Astronomical innovations

In that shortcut we can observe many and a lot of images of planets, nebulas, galaxies and other objects. The section is organized by theme and he/she has comments about each observation. Per times we have him/it to think! In that shortcut you can follow what is happening now in the world of the professional and amateur astronomy

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