Hey welcome to my logbook, make yourself at home, take a hot cup a coffee and enjoy your visit.

My logbook...   difficult to keep it simple but i really need to. I don't have to much time to invest but i like maintaining a website for some reason.... Maybe for the rainy days?

Anyway ... Here it is and like  said i'll try to keep this simple with as much info, pictures or other stuff like  i would add in my logbook.  If you have question please don't be shy... e-mail me at any time, i'm open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day so ....

Hope you  enjoy it!


Some news....

Been a very long winter and spring. Lately i have been doing a lot of home renovations and very few if nothing in my observations..... But i should be back soon at it... even thinking i might have a few minutes to myself this weekend!


News news news!

I know i hear you* what happened here!*, it's been months with no updates i know and i apologize, i just been like terribly busy with family and also got a new digicam. I might try taking picture of the night sky, so right now i'm experiencing with nature. I haven't upgrade anything yet on astronomy gear, i was planning getting a 10" scope but seems like i just might not after all, i really like the ease of  use of my binoculars and they give me plenty to view  all the wonderful wonders of the night sky. This weekend i'm planning of viewing a few asteroids. I should be able to draw my first sketch through binoculars so stay tune and thanks for visiting!