Jupiter and Saturn during the end of 2000
by Lorenzo Comolli
Last update:  22 October 2000

After the favorable opposition of the last year, this year Jupiter and Saturn are in an even more favorable position. Moreover their position in the sky is very curious, very close eachother and between two famous open clusters: the Iads and the Pleiads.
In this page there are and there will be some observations of this opposition.

conjunction 1
conjunction 2

18 October 2000
For me this is the first night of good seeing, because of the always bad seeing and also to the very bad weather, lasted about a month, that also caused a disastrous flood in Northern Italy.
The seeing is not perfect, the stars twinkle a bit. At the eyepiece the images are nearly good, expecially of Saturn, very nice because of the great aperture of his rings and for the presence of the shadow of the planet on the rings. As a whole what is visible in the ccd image was also visible at the eyepiece.

Jupiter showed a color more intense than those of the precedent opposition: the north and south equatorial bands was brown-red. The north tropical band was very narrow. Only a little more was visible at the eyepiece: some dark spot was visible in the equatorial bands. But with the ccd the details are much more, as is visible in the following images and animation.

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