Mars in 2003


Animation and Cartography

Inspired by an article on Sky&Telescope of February 2004, I've realized a cartography of the whole planet using the images captured in July and August 2003. The main steps are:

Here are the results: the map and the animation.

Click here to download the AVI animation
(730kb, DivX 5 required) (this gif movie is only a preview)

25 september 2003

20 september 2003

18 september 2003

23 august 2003 ( M Y    B E S T !!! )

20 august 2003

19 august 2003

16 august 2003 (evening)

16 august 2003 (morning)

13 august 2003

12 august 2003

6 august 2003

Click here for an AVI movie of the 3 hours of observations. (Div-X 5 codec required)

2 august 2003

27 july 2003

The main instrument

The main instrument used for the best Mars images: the Buchroeder Trischiefspiegler of Alfredo Zanazzo, 318mm diameter, f/20. The observers are Lorenzo Comolli and Fabio Acquarone. Photo by Gianni Ariot.

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