Mars in 2005

Here are my best shots of Mars during 2005 opposition. Very evident are the north polar cap clouds, blue colored. The best image was captured on 11 november thanks to very good seeing and the use of a very long focal lenght. The colors were obtained using only red W25 (without IRcut) and blue W38a+IRcut. The webcam is a modified Vesta Pro, with a BW chip. The green channel was interpolated from the red and blue images, giving a nearly real color view. Coauthors of some images are my friends Stefano Simonelli and Alfredo Zanazzo.


11 september 2005

15 october 2005

29-30 october 2005

30-31 october 2005

7 november 2005

11 november 2005

1 december 2005

The instrument
Most of the images were obtained with this Newton 310mm f/5.

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