Conjunction Moon, Venus, Jupiter - 20 June 2015

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During the sunset of 20 June 2015, a very nice conjunction took place between Moon, Venus and Jupiter. This telephoto image shows the three subjects separated by 8° and 5.3°.

Technical Data
Optics Canon 100-400 mm f/4.5-5.6 L IS USM
Focal Length
170 mm
Focal Ratio f/11
Exposure Time single exp of 20 s
CCD Canon EOS 5D (modified with Baader filter)
Location Capanne di Cosola (AL, Italian Apennines) at 1500 m height
20 June 2015
Mount Gemini G-41
Tracking none
Temperature and humidity T= +8 °C, RH=90 %
Sky brightness at zenith (with SQM-L) twilight sky
Notes Optics mounted on the counterweigth bar with a Manfrotto clamp.

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