4 March 2005
Fly-by of the Rosetta spacecraft
by Lorenzo Comolli e Alberto Brunati

On March 4, 2005, the ESA's spacecraft Rosetta made the first fly-by of the many ones that the spacecraft will have with the Earth and Mars. Finally it will arrive to the comet Chury. In this page there are some animations and images captured from the observatory of my friend Alberto Brunati, in Venegono Inferiore (VA, Italy) at 300m height, with a Newton 255mm (F=1230mm), ST7e (used in binning 2x2 for the animations and 1x1 for the longer exposure images).

Animation of 15 frames of 5 s each. 20.11 UT.

Animation of 15 frames of 1 s each. 20.40 UT.

Single image that show the trail of Rosetta in 30 s exposure. 20.47 UT.


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