The Solar Spectrum

Mouse over for the visible spectrum only. Click for the high res version. Or click here for the hires of the visible spectrum only.

This image was produced with a huge post processing work, composing all spectrum data into a single calibrated spectrum, using a custom built Matlab script. The main steps were: dust removal, mosaic with cross-correlation, wavelength and luminance calibration, image rendering. Moreover a video with synchronized audio was produced, and the result is here.

Technical Data
Optics Shelyak LHiRes Lite, solar spectrometer
Exposure Time about 100 frames were used, each made of the average of 10 subexposures of 0.05 s each
CCD Starlight Xpress Lodestar
Location Tradate (VA, Italy), at 305 m height
23 Jan 2011
Tracking Lodestar with a small lens of 100 mm focal length
Notes The average resolution is 0.01 nm!

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