NGC 925

NGC 925, in Triangulum, is a faint spiral galaxy.

Technical Data
Optics 20cm Meade Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope
Focal Lenght 1300 mm with Meade 0.63x reducer
Focal Ratio f/6.6
Exposure Time and filters LRGB 60:10:10:10 (single exposures of 5 min)
Sensor Kaf-402me grade 2
Chip temperature -30°C
Location Tradate (VA, in Pianura Padana, Italy) at 300m
Date and time of exposure start 5 january 2005, 17.50 UT
Mount Gemini G41
Tracking ST4
Temperature and humidity T=+2°C, RH=70%
Notes Part of the images ruined by a partial cloud coverage

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