M 51 + sn 2005cs - Whirlpool Galaxy - Ruths 1.37m

M51 represent very well the spiral galaxies. We view M51 exactly from the top. To the north there is an interacting galaxy (NGC5195) that is tearing an arm of M51.
Here is also imaged a supernova, SN 2005 cs.

Technical Data
Optics 1.37m Cassegrain telescope of the Merate Observatory (Lecco, Italy)
Focal Lenght 7500 mm (with 0.5x reducer)
resolution 0.49"/pix
Focal Ratio f/5.5
Exposure Time Mosaic of 3 fields, each of 6 min exposure (20x20s)
Sensor Kaf-1600e grade 1 (used in binning 2x2)
Filters -
Chip temperature -10°C
Location Merate (LC, in light polluted Pianura Padana, Italy) at 300m
Date and time of exposure start 2 july 2005, h 22.17 TU
Mount Fork mount
Tracking -
Temperature and humidity T=+24°C, RH=40%
Notes The colors were added using the other M51 attached image, taken with a SC 20cm +ME2 at Colle del Nivolet.
Bad seeing, that don't allowed us to use all the resolution potential of this telescope.
Coauthors: Lorenzo Comolli, Roberto Crippa, Cesare Guaita, of Gruppo Astronomico Tradatese (GAT), Mauro Ghigo of Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera-Merate (OAB)

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