M1 crab nebula

M1, named crab bebula, is the remanent of the supernova of 1054. If the explosions is now, we can observe of magnitude -17, brighter than the full Moon, and so the deepsky imaging would be impossible for months... The nebula show red details, due to the ionized hydrogen that is disposed along the lines of the magnetic field, very strong. Apart other minor monochromatic emissions, the other linght is from "white" emission, and so the nebula structures are better visible in the blue and green channel.

Technical Data
Optics Newton 310mm Maccagnan
Focal Lenght 1560mm
Focal Ratio f/5
Exposure Time and filters LRGB 75:30:25:25 (single exposures of 5 min), total exposure 2h45m
Sensor Kaf-402me grade 2
Chip temperature -34°C
Location Tradate (VA, in Pianura Padana, Italy) at 300m
Date and time of exposure start 29 december 2005, 20.44 UT
Mount Gemini G41
Tracking ST4 with Pentax 75 at 1000mm
Temperature and humidity T=-10°C, RH=30%

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