M31 - Andromeda Galaxy

The great Andromeda galaxy is a spiral very similar to our own, the Milky Way. This is also the farther object visible with the naked eye, beeing at about 2.3 million light years.

Avaiable also a high resolution version: 1500x1000 pixel.
Compare this with the the one captured on film.

Technical Data
Optics L: Schmidt camera 400/300/615 (Zen optics)
RGB: Pentax 75
Focal Lenght L: 615 mm
RGB: 500mm
Focal Ratio L: f/2,0
RGB: f/6.7
Exposure Time L: 35 min (35 x 1 min)
RGB: 60 min (6x10min)
CCD L: a camera with Kaf-6303e
RGB: Canon EOS 350D unmodified
Sensor L: Kaf-6303e class 1
RGB: Canon cmos
Filters none
Chip temperature
L: about 0°C (without cooling)
RGB: without cooling
Location L: Tradate (VA, in Pianura Padana, Italy) at 300m height
RGB: Capanne di Cosola (AL, Italian Appennines) at 1500m heinght
Date and time of exposure start L: 24 december 2006
RGB: 27 october 2006
Mount L: Astrosystems Fork
RGB: Gemini G41
Tracking L: Webcam Vesta Pro B/W on a 120mm f/13 refractor
RGB: FLI ME2 on a Newton 310mm f/5
Temperature and humidity L: T=about 0°C
RGB: T=13°C, RH=40%
Notes One of the very first test with the Schmidt camera and with the ccd.

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