Gamma Cygni region

2000x2000  -  4000x4000

Sadr (Gamma Cygni) is at the center of the "northern Cross", the Cygnus constellation. Around this star there is one of the more intricate regions concerning the emission nebula. The main nebula is IC 1318, but in thruth it is made of at leas a dozen of nebulas. Inside are present a lot of dark nebulas and Bok globules. The Crescent nebula (NGC 6888) is at the south-west corner and resemble a crescent Moon. In the northern region other nebulas are present such as the Hourglass.

Technical Data
Optics Schmidt camera 400/300/615 (Zen optics)
Focal Lenght 615 mm
Focal Ratio f/2,0
Exposure Time Total 28 hours. Mosaic of 6 frames. 338 frames of 5 min each.
CCD A camera with  Kaf-6303e
Sensor Kaf-6303e class 1
Filters H-alpha 6nm Astronomik, selected for f/2
Chip temperature
-20 °C
Location Tradate (VA, in Pianura Padana, Italy) at 300m height
Date and time of exposure start 6 full nights: 19, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29 july 2007
Mount Astrosystems fork mount
Tracking Webcam Vesta Pro B/W on a 120mm f/13 refractor reduced at f/5
Temperature and humidity T=between 20 and 28 °C, RH=between 40 and 70%
Sky brightness at zenith (with SQM-L) 18.5 - 19.0 mag/arcsec^2

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