Near Milky Way center

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Technical Data
Optics Pentax 75
Focal Lenght 500mm
Focal Ratio f/6.7
Exposure Time 1h (single exp of 10 min)
CCD Canon EOS 5D with baader filter
Location Colle dell'Agnello (CN, Italian Alps) at 2700 m height
7 Aug 2010
Mount Gemini G-41
Tracking ST4 on a 80mm f/5 refractor
Temperature and humidity T=+7°C, RH=50%
Sky brightness at zenith (with SQM-L) 21.4 mag/arcsec^2
Notes Strong wind
The Milky way center is at about 3° West of the center of this image. North is at top-left corner. The brightest star in the top part is TYC 6849 1230 with a V mag. of 5.76. The small cluster near the dark nebula LDN 97 is NGC 6520.
Diffraction spikes with StarSpikes software.

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