Barnard 18 in Taurus

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Taurus is rich in dark nebulae, in the region between Iades and Pleiades and the Milky Way. This is an example of an underestimated nebula, about 10° east of Pleiades.
The region is filled with many objects, each one with many catalog numbers. The main ones are: Barnard 18 in the center, wide dark nebula (alias LDN 1527); LBN812 is the bright part in the center; LDN1533 is the dark nebula at left, with LBN 815 the yellow patch in the middle; LDN 1522 is the dark nebula at right. They all are part of LBN800, a very large complex including these and many others in a 5° patch of sky.

Technical Data
Optics TEC 140
Focal Length
1011 mm
Focal Ratio f/7.2
Exposure Time Total 4 h 20 min, LRGB 140:40:30:50 min (single exp of 10 min)
CCD SBIG STL-11000M @-40°C
Location Pian dell' Armà (PV, Italian Apennines) at 1350 m height
25 January 2014
Mount Gemini G-41
Tracking Lodestar on an 80mm f/5 refractor
Temperature and humidity T= -3 °C, RH=40%
Sky brightness at zenith (with SQM-L) 21.3-21.5 mag/arcsec^2
Notes Many veils ruined the night and only about 4 hours of data has been saved.

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