LBN 438 in Lacerta

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LBN 438 is the brightest nebula in this field, with an interesting shape like a tower with some peaks, surrounded but a red glow. Many other LBN are included in the field: LBN 435 is the red-pink nebula on the right, LBN 440 is the C-shaped nebula on the lower left side. The central nebulae are catalogued as GN 22.39.0. Two spiral galaxies are present: UGC 12181 on the upper-left and UGC 12137 on the upper-right.
This image is a L-RGB composition, with data gathered in 4 nights at Colle dell'Agnello 2016.
Note about processing: this image has been processed by Edoardo Radice with PixInsight and then refined by Lorenzo Comolli with Photoshop. Thanks for the collaboration!

Technical Data
Optics TEC 140
Focal Length
1011 mm
Focal Ratio f/7.2
Exposure Time Total 12 h 20 min, composed of L-RGB 360:110:100:170 min (single exp of 10 min)
CCD SBIG STL-11000M @-30°C and @-40°C
Location Colle dell'Agnello (CN, Italian Alps) at 2700 m heigth
30 July and 2-3-5 August 2016 (4 nights)
Mount Gemini G-41
Tracking Lodestar on an 80mm f/5 refractor
Temperature and humidity T= (+11 to 0) °C, RH=(70 to 100) %
Sky brightness at zenith (with SQM-L) (21.3 to 21.6) mag/arcsec^2
Notes .

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