Leonids 2002 (#1)

Composition of 19 frames centered on the radiant. 44 leonids are visible, with a bolide that left a trail.
Move the mouse on the image and see a map of Leon: the bolite seem to exit from the mouth!
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Technical Data
Optics 50mm f/1,8 objective
Focal Lenght 50 mm
Focal Ratio f/1,8
Exposure Time Composition of 19 images of 3 min each
Film Kodak E200
Developement sensibility 320 ISO
Location Notre Dame des Anges, near St Tropez, Southern France at 700m height
Date and time of exposure start 19 november 2002, from 2.30 to 5.30 UT
Mount Kenko NES
Tracking -
Temperature and humidity T=+5°C, RH=80%
Notes -

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