Intruments: Gemini G-41 mount

There is not a lot to say: it's a very good mount! Strong and accurate, both in the tracking and in the aiming. My version was provided with a very solid tripod, a microstep motorization with goto FS2 electronic, a 12x30 polar finder (very accurate) and two counterweights of 10+10kg. The maximum load is stated to be 35 kg, and the periodic error <+/-5".
I can use any scope providing a suitable plate. I've used with these optics: Meade SC 20cm f/10 plus Pentax 75 refractor (total weight 20kg); Newton 30 cm f/5 with Pentax 75 (or Konus Vista 80) (total weigth 36 kg), Newton 20 cm f/6 with Konus Vista 80 (total weigth 15 kg), Pentax 75 and Konus Vista 80 (total weigth 6 kg).
The most important aspect for the astrophotography is the periodic error in AR. While the manufacture stata <+/-5", I've measured +/-3,5", as shown in the graph below (CCD measurements, 7 periods of 3.32 min were gathered).

For a complete test see the Roberto Porta one on GAT website. (only in Italian)

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