Intruments: Meade 2080 mount

I've had to improve this telescope in many parts. First the huge periodic error in RA prevent to obtain any long exposuse at direct focus, so one of my friends made for me a PEC (periodic error corrector) and now the tracking is much better (see the graph - click for enlarging).

Other lack was the Dec motor, so I've bought an excellent JMI motor. Finally I've made a suitcase that contains all the electronics, the handpad, the Dec motor, the cables and the ST4. The ST4 is a wonderful autoguider (even if nothing is possible on this bad mount), and also an imaging camera -in truth a little old- with which I've taken some images of the major planets. All is feeded by a 12V car battery, with which the autonomy is of many nights.

General view of the telescope.

Detail of the counterweight bar.

9x60 finder with illuminated eyepiece and 90° mirror: the top of confort!

Electronics suitcase: in the white box there is the control system for motors, PEC, ST4 interface and button box. The black box is the controller for ST4, that is contained in the antistatic silver envelope.

Detail of the electronic box.


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