Intruments: a mount for binoculars

A binoculars is very useful for the observations of the sky. Holding it in hand however causes continuous vibrations that ruin the quality of the images, expecially if the binoculars weighs 2kg as the Vixen 12x80, imaged above. The most immediate solution is a tripod, but you will discover that it's not very comfortable: the observations to the zenith and in general above the 45° of height result uncomfortable, if not impossible.
The definitive solution consists in a mount that allows the maximum comfort of observation, with the observer in a natural position, the same for observing without binoculars. To allow this I've built a fork mount, balanced and clutched in all the axes.
See other images of this mount, modified for a higher load capacity, in the page of 20x110 binoculars.


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