Colle del Nivolet - 2600m

Nation, region, province
Italy, Valle d'Aosta, Aosta, on the border with Piemonte
WGS84 coordinates
45°29'22" N 7°08'51" E google maps
Heigth Top: 2610 m, observing grass: 2530 m
Brightness at zenith [mag/arcsec^2] -
Typical limiting magnitude
Max number of amateurs 50

Colle del Nivolet is the preferred observing location of the amatour astronomers of northern Italy, because it's possible to reach a high altitude by car. During the night the sky is really dark and during the day the nature give a wonderful show.

20 july 2001: panorama on Agnel and Serrù lakes.

27 june 2003: my telescope and Mount Gran Paradiso (4061m).

19 june 2004: a little more snow has to melt...

A marmot

A chamois.

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