Intruments: Newton 310mm f/5

First light in a deepsky, at Passo Maniva (BS, Italian Alps) at 2150m heigth.

This scope was built by one of my friends, Gianfranco Maccagnan of Imperia, Italy. A Newtonian telescope is a classical optical scheme, simple to build but quite bulky. The optics of this 310mm f/5 Newton are really good, with an average measured error of lambda/13. The obstruction is 22% (68mm secondary mirror). This value is really good also for planets, but at the same time it give full illumination on my CCD camera. The weigth is about 30kg, near the limit of my mount. The primary mirror is 70mm thich.

View of the rear of primary mirror cell with the three point setting and the holes for ventilation

My CCD camera at the focus of the Newton, with a motorized focuser.

The mini-coloumn, 50cm high, that make the observations a lot easier, avoiding to use a stair.

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