GHT 20x110 binoculars

The GHT 20x110 binocular
After many years of use of my Vixen 12x80 binoculars, yelding great views of nebulas and large Milky Way fields, I've upgraded to a 20x110, meaning a 20x with 110 mm diameter objectives, a very large gathering area, 89% larger than the previous instrument! The price to pay is a really heavy load (6.5 kg) that required modifications and optimizations of my homemade binoculars mount.
Even if the optics are not strictly speaking perfect, the quality/price factor is great. I've observed nebulas, galaxies, clusters and comets: the were all magnificient.
Each eypiece have indepented focusing, so when observing in groups of people I advise all to wear glasses, so that refocusing is not needed. Observing with glasses is confortable, retracting (or removing) the rubber hoods.
Optical collimation was an issue at first because the optical axes were not aligned. After fixing the problem I've no more have any problem, even when the binocular fallen on the ground from an heigth of 2 m (!), due to strong winds of 70 km/h.

The binocular mount

Detail of the binocular mount

Front view

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