TEC 140 f/7 apo refractor

The telescope mounted on a Gemini G41 mount
A large apo refractor is a dream for many astrophotographers. And this scope is on the top list of best performers, thanks to the great quality of the optics and moreover of the performance of the big field flattener, able to perfectly flatten the curved focal plane.
The objective is an oil spaced triplet, 140 mm diameter, 980 mm focal length (f/7.0). With the field flattener I've measured a slightly longer focal length of 1011 mm (f/7.2).
I'd like to thank the previous owner of this scope, Matteo Santinello, for selling it to me. The scope seems really new!
Now I'm using together with a Canon 5D with Baader filter, with a 24x36 mm sensor size. The correction can be found from the analysis shown below and is really perfect.

View from the back, with the Canon 5D and the cooling fan.

The scope assembled on a Gemini G41 mount and a 80/400 guide refractor.

Analysis of star dimensions all over the focal plane of a full frame DSLR (Canon 5D).

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