Astronomical Time Lapses
by Lorenzo Comolli and other friends

Here are some astronomical videos realized using a DSLR camera and time-lapse shootintg. The resulting videos are - in my opinion - quite amazing, showing the star motions, the Sun setting or rising and other interesting phenomenas. A detailed explanation of the techniques is here (sorry, only Italian language), or on S&T Aug 2009, Astronomia UAI Jan-Feb 2010, Nuovo Orione Jul 2007 and Jun 2010.
Note about file formats. A large number of standards exist, and now we prefer using video sharing websites like YouTube. Anyway for those unable to look at them, we still offer some alternative: MP4 (with H.264 codec), AVI (mainly Xvid codec), or Flash SWF (required Flash, be aware swf is bad quality). To watch MP4 and AVI files we reccommend using VLC.


Night Sky Sun and Moon
Eclipses, Miscellanea, Clouds and Other Geostationary satellites

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