IC405 is a complex of emission and reflection nebulas located in the constellation Auriga, one of the most rich and beautiful of the winter sky. The complex cover an area of 30x19', and shows an intricated aspect, with bright filaments and dark globules embedded. The emission part is excited from the star HD34078, better known as AE Aurigae. This star moves across the sky with a speed which is around 80 km/sec., and shows a prospectical movement of 0,03" per year over an axis which starts from the constellation of Orion. Is the prototype of the Runaway Stars. Seems that those stars got its own speed being a component of a strict binary system, rotating quickly to contrast the mutual gravitational attraction between the two components. If one of the stars explode as supernova, the companion remain immediately without the gravitational attraction, and is slinged at high speed out of the system.

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