NGC891 in Andromeda is a perfect example of spiral galaxy seen exactly over its galactic plan, as NGC4565 in Coma Berenices. NGC891, extended 13,5x2,8', can be easily imaged with focal lenght of one meter, showing a lot of very interesting details. A dust band split the object in two simmetrical portions, but the brightness of the galaxy is different: the northern part is brighter and longer than the south extremity. The field of NGC891 is full of other small galaxies, as NGC898 visible 20' SE from it. NGC891 is part of a galaxy cluster which include also NGC1023 in Perseus and NGC925 in Triangulum. The distance from us is estimated in 950 Kpsec. In the year 1986, in NGC891 was discovered a type II supernova, 20" O and 60" N from the nucleus, with a magnitude of 18,4.

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