Test conditions


Newton D=408mm, F=2050mm
Amplifier: Televue 5x with backfocus
Effective Focal Length: 12.82 meters
ATIK 314L+
Exposure Time: all series at 1 ms

The target star is STF1670 (gamma Virginis) located at 38° elevation at the time of test.

The fwhm, band center and bandwidth values are computed from filters characterictics and camera response.

Brand: Astronomik
Animation of 20
random speckle frames
Stack of 40 best frames
(lucky imaging brightest pixel alignment)
Stack of 40 best frames
(special Reduc procedure)
400 frames

MC clear filter
Band center: 540 nm
Bandwidth at fwhm: 280 nm

B type 2c
Band center: 447 nm
Bandwidth at fwhm: 95 nm
G type 2c
Band center: 537 nm
Bandwidth at fwhm: 85 nm
R type 2c
Band center: 617 nm
Bandwidth at fwhm: 75 nm
IR 742
Band center: 796 nm
Bandwidth at fwhm: 108 nm