The Live Sun

Different instruments on the ground and in orbit, constantly observe our star

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The numbering of active regions is given by SOHO Sunspots

General Information (Update 2022.0.18)


Graphics spots

SIDC - flares forecast

SOHO - current groups


Pic du Midi Observatory (France)

Les webcams de l'observatoire

Latest pictures from the CLIMSO telescopes (Associate Observers at the Pic du Midi observatory)

If dome open image ...
Last image of the coronagraph
Last image L1
Camera Fripon / OMP


Data bases

CLIMSO, Pic du Midi


Meudon, Nancay, Pic du Midi, Royal Observatory of Belgium and Coimbra in Portugal

Private Solar database

Observatories in the world

Gong : Observatories Learmonth in Australia, Udaipur in India, El Teide in the Canary Islands, Cerro Tololo in Chile, Bulder in Colorado, Big Bear in California and Mauna Loa in Hawaï

medium intensity


Solar telescope Hawaii
Observatory Kanzelhöhe Austria
Mauna Loa for coronal image taken from the ground



Gathers images from Stereo A and B , Hinode , Gong , SWAP , SDO and Kanzelhöhe


Sonde Solar Orbiter

(Launch in fébruary 2020)

Parker Solar Probe

(Launched in August 2018)

IRIS satellite (launched in June 2013)

Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS)

Satellite CLUSTER (launched in 1996)



SDO satellite (launched in February 2010)

Atmospheric Imaging Assembly, the Sun today (to choose the date)


Temperatures of the different wavelengths, click on the 10 :

Observations in different wavelengths

Satellite Stereo (2006) and satellite Hinode (Solar B) 2006

SoHo satellite (launched in December 1995)

Numbering of the spots on Sunspots


Images of coronagraphs Lasco 2 and 3 (click on "the Sun now")