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Takahashi FSQ-106N

The FSQ is a fine four lens design apochromatic astrograph that uses fluorite elements (modified Petzval design), which nowadays is not anymore on production.
All images on this website until March 2009, have been taken with this superb instrument in its native f/5 configuration, giving 530 mm F.L. Recently I have made some tests with its dedicated focal extender that brings F.L. to 850 mm (f/8)

Canon 10D

Canon 10D was my first DSLR. This camera introduced me into digital photo world, but since it was not modified, it had reduced capabilities in astrophoto. Anyway I did some work and got a lot of experience with it. I still use this camera for general photography.

Most of the images taken with this camera can be seen here

Canon 20Da

In 2006 I got a new camera, a Canon EOS 20Da, a limited version of the 20D, modified for astrophotography.

The extended capabilities in the hydrogen alpha line of this camera, along with live view focusing possibility, and not to forget USB 2 link to computer, immediately produced an improvement in images quality.

Since mid 2007, however, my 20Da started to progressively develop the so called "dark river" effect on images, 
that sometimes affects 20D series of cameras. That effect complicated a lot image processing.

Most of the images taken with this camera can be seen here

Losmandy GM-8

This light weight mount was perfect for me as a portable mount since handled very well FSQ and camera weight. Once I learned how to fine tune it, I obtained very good results during guided exposures
Although I have upgraded my mount, I still keep the small Losmandy for using it on the go

This is is GM-8 web page from Losmandy:

Takahashi EM-400

As my future plans are to include a second, longer, focal lenght in my equipment, I needed an upgrade at mount level.
After a lot of thinking I decided to purchase a Takahashi EM-400 mount.
I am very satisfied with my decision as the mount is working with incredebly precision from the first I put it into operation.
I control it with The Sky software, and the GOTO operation, which I have used for the first time with this mount, still amazes me every time  I use it .

You can find more info and characteristics of this mount here:


In January 2008 and after many months of wasting time fighting against dark river problem with my 20Da, I gave up and purchased a SBIG STL-11000M camera. Having an astronomical CCD camera was also a long time desire that became reality.

Since January 2008 all images have been taken with STL camera and I am still learning how to explode all its potential.

Images taken with this camera can be seen here


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